This is the homepage of my Arduino/ChipKit pages.

Dies ist die Homepage zu meinen Arduino/ChipKit Seiten. Diese Homepage wird wie beim Arduino üblich, erst einmal in Englisch aufgebaut


27.01.2014 HelvePic32 launched

The HelvePic32 can now be ordered as a kit from It is planned to ship the kit to EU customers from Germany.

30.12.2014 HelvePic32 board 1.0 ready

The final prototype for the HelvePic32 board using ChipKit compatible PIC32MX250F128B proxessor has successfully completed all tests. The board will be available soon as a kit.

14.12.2014 ChipKit Board

From time to time I ran into the problem that my Arduino was running out of memory and I did not want to move to the bigger Mega. SO I looked around and found the ChipKit Platform that runs on 32-bit PIC controller from Microchip. I have spent most of the past weeks to dive into this environment with a detour/dead-end trying pinguino and ended up creating a board to use the PIC32MX250F128B Processor:

  Arduino Uno PIC32MC250F128B
pins 28 28
Flash 32kB 128kB
RAM 2 kB 16kB
CPU Freq. 16 MHz 40 MHz
UART 1 2
USB n/a on chip

The PIC32MX250F128 offers the possibility to build a simple board with direct USB support on the chip. The board runs faster with more memory compared to the Arduino. Using the ChipKit bootloader, I can use a IDE that is similar to the Arduino IDE and I can re-use quite a lot of libraries written for the Arduino.

In this context I ran into an IDE that combines the Arduino world with the ChipKit workd: UECIDE. The more I use it, the more I prefer it over the normal Arduino IDE.

The new ChipKit boards will show up in the new named Board section

14.11.2014 Elecfreaks RGB Matrix on Mega and UNO

I have finally found the code to make the RGB Matrix shield code run on Uno and Mega without adoption. See the review page for the code.

15.10.2014 Arduino Dashboard 2.0

I was pretty busy in my job and had to let pause thsi web site for a while. In the meantime I have updated my Arduino Dashboard and I am in the process to updating the documentation page. The setup files are located in the Download area.

12.06.2014 meArm robot kit

I recently found a nice robot arm for a remakable low price. I got the full kit for 25 British Pounds plus 2 Punds for shipping. As it is sent from England, I have no VAT or Tax to pay on top of this. The kit shipped in less than a week.

The kit is a very nice robot arm and easy to assemble. I have taken pictures while buildnig it. I like this arm that much, I now have three of them ...

27.04.2014 Buchrezension: Elektronik-Hacks

Thomas Brühlmann von hat mir ein Exemplar des Buches Elektronik-Hacks vom mitp Verlag zur Ansicht überlassen. Hier eine kurze Besprechung.


24.04.2014 Atten Power Supply

I got a Atten Powersupply PPS3005 and (for testing) a PPS3205. I do not like the control software I found so far, so I wrote a program myself:

PPS3005 Version:

PPS3205 Version:

A detailed description can be found here.

08.04.2014 Beginner - Anleitung für den Arduino Neuling

Ein kurze Anleitung zum Schnelleinstieg in die Welt von Arduino.

An English Version will follow.

03.02.2014 Device Driver under Windows

Using Windows always leads to device driver errors and problems. I created a list of tricks to fix them before reinstalling the OS.

Wenn man mit Windows arbeitet, hatt man immer wieder Probleme mit der Treiberinstallation. Ich habe die mir bekannten Tricks zusammengefasst.

19.01.2014 Gameduino 2 Review

On Kickstarter, there was a campaign to fund a 4.3" graphics board for games on the arduino. Although I am not a game programmer, the graphics board looked interesting to me as it was not much more expensive than a native TFT display but had an on-board graphics chip.

I received the board in the second week of 2014 and it was exceeding all my expectations I had for that board. I unpacked it and it worked flawlesssly. I checked all examples that come with the board and with each example I recognized more that the money was well spent. So the remaining question was - how difficult is it to program that device? The answer in short is - very simple! The long answer is here in the review.

The board now is available at differnet vendors, I have seen it in Germany for about 52 Euro. That is about 10 Euros more than a TFT of the same size where you have to get an adapter shield as well. For me, the result of that review has turned this board into my preferred graphics board.

04.01.2014 Happy New Year

Due to a large workload and changes in my job, I was not able to spend as much time with the arduino as I thought I could.

I recently found, that the homepage of the hacrocam has gone offline. As I have the supporting files for that camera shield, I can make them available for download on my download page.

17.11.2013 Makebock Robots

Some time ago I bought two robot kits from Makeblock: The MusicBot and the XY-Plotter. When building the MusicBot, I faund that not all parts were shipped and that the documentation was more than sparse. Especially the programming of the step motors was new to me and it took me some time to get the robot going. The mechnaics however are of excellent quality and once the robot worked, it is a real beauty and I do not regret having bought the robot.

Now the XY-Plotter needs to be assembled. I will create a step-by-step review as I molve along the assembly.

16.11.2013 Driving a TFT display over i2c

SInce quite some time I have the idea of driving a TFT display using an arduino that hosts the TFT display and accepts commands from the i2c bus as a slave.This will allow to attach TFT displays to linux boards such as the pcDuino and other boards without porting the library to the new platform.

I finally foundt he time to write a small library that replaces the UTFT commands by a i2c send command. The nice thing is that all the a working UTFT based sketch needs as change is to change the name of the library UTFT to i2cUTFT and the call to i2cUTFT myGLCD(adr) where adr is the address of the slave on the bus.

The library is in its first working verison (v0.1) but capable to play the UTFT demo in Full.

There are two limitations:

  1. Strings to be printed cannot be longer than 16 chars as the buffer of i2c is limited (and I do not want to fiddle with the original arduino source). 
  2. drawPixel takes a lot of time as every pixel is sent via a begin/end transmission

The next steps are to include the full UTFT command set beyond the used commands of the demo and to extend the library to use SoftSerial to communicate via serial ports.

A first look at the work in progress can be found on the Downloads page.

10.11.2013 pcDuino v2 - Kurztest

Ein einfacher Test des pcDuino V2 zeigt warum ich diesen Boards nur wenig Liebe entgegen bringen kann. Hier die Review.

22.20.2013 Elecfreaks LCD Shield  - YALS?

What looked like yet another LCD shield (YALS) turned out to be a handy shield for small projects. It provides a rotary encoder and a 5-way joystick but most of all, the unused pins are accessible through the shield! A detailed review is here.

17.10.2013 Elecfreaks Octopus 9DOF IMU Module

I have looked at the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) module from elecfreaks. It provides an accellerator sensor (ADXL345), a magnetic field sensor (HMC5883L) and a retoation gyro sensor (ITG3205). Quite a nice piece of hardware and the review can be found here.

11.10.2013 Two nice demos for the OLED shield

I found a demo displaying a rotating cube on an adafruit OLED. I added a color cycling to make the demo a bit more intersting. Enjoy!

The code is here


I also wrote a demo displaying some drawing the library brings. This demo is based on the UTFT demo that Henning Karlsen provided.

The diagonal stripes are due to an interference with the camera.


The code is here


07.10.2013 Elecfreaks RGB Matrix review

I had a look at the Elecfreaks RGB Matrix Shield. The shield itslef is a real beauty and a good start for playing with the arduino. It plugs into the arduino, you load my demo code and it should display the demo on the left. Enjoy!

The review is here



25.09.2013 Seeedstudio Xadow Main Board

I have tried to take a look at Seeedstudio's Xadow Main Board and associated boards. So I ordered the Xadow Main Board, the breakout and the LED board. The boards look good on arrival and I downloaded the driver file for the Main Board. Unfortunately, the device is not recognized on neither of my PCs running under Windows7/64b. A check with Seeedstudio only led to the message that an engineer is looking into this.

So for me, this board is unusable.

Furthermore, it is not understandable why Seeedstudio is the only producer of Arduino boards that requires a modification of the Arduino IDE files. This is why this comment here has no link to the product nor a picture as I cannot recommend this product at all.

12.09.2013 1.5" OLED from kickstarter

I have added the 1.5" 128x128 pixel Color OLED from the kickstarter campaign to my display kompendium. It works fine with the adafruit library as well as the provided examples.

03.09.2013 Compare Freaduino with RedBoard

The two boards are quite comparable with respect to price and features. I took a deeper look into the two boards and secledt my favourite. The result can be seen here.

29.08.2013 Display Kompendium

I have started a kompendium listing all display devices I have touched so far including the wiring and software to get them to work.

29.08.2013 Delta Robot Kit

On I found this robot kit which looked interesting. After receiving the kit I was very disapointed by the quality and design. Finally I have to replace essentially everything with better parts and servos to get this to work in a decent way. The details are in my review







09.07.2013 smARtMaker SmartCore U

I wanted to check the Arduino Uno clone and as the show went back alive after the holiday break for July 4th, I odered one. Works well, gets identified as a Uno. Due to the small size of the board, there are no RX/TX led but the board is a nice small arduino clone.

03.07.2013 smARtMaker Starter Kit

On Kickstarter there is an entertaning project which went way over the promised delivery time. Despite people claiming that there will never be a product, I got a smARtMaker Starter Kit and have done a first review. Quite promising and once this project has come to a stable mode, it is worth visiting. Until then, the comment section is very entertaining.

16.06.2013 Cubieboard und pcDuino gemeinsam steuern

Einfach mal das Cubieboard auf der SD Karte des pcDuino starten ...

Ich habe beim testen des pcDuino die aktuelle Ubuntuversion gefunden, welche das Arduino IDE gleich als installiertes Paket mitbringt (1.5.3 beta) und den pcDuino wie ein weiteres Arduino Board behandelt. Und plötzlich wird das gesamte GPIO Handling zum Kinderspiel. Dazu hier mehr.

21.04.2013 pcDuino

Die auf dem Allwinner A10 basierenden Board spriessen wie Pilze aus dem Boden. Mit dem pcDuino hat sparkfun nun ein Board in sein Sortiment aufgenommen, welches seine GPIO pins wie bei Arduino Boards anordnet. Dabei hat man nicht ganz das Shield design übernommen, denn die Pins liegen genau nebeneinander, aber die Pins an sich lassen sich so recht leicht identifizieren. Ein Board wurde mir von EXP-tech zur Verfügung gestellt. Hier nun der Review

13.04.2013 Cubieboard

Mit dem Cubieboard hat man ein sehr schönes Linuxboard mit 96 (!) GPIO pins, Cortex-A8 (Allwinner A10) @ 1GHz .Von EXP-Tech wurde mir ein Testboard gestellt. Im ersten Teil wird die Linuxwelt diese Boards abgeschaut. Der zweite Teil wird die GPIO pins behandeln, was aber noch etwas Zeit braucht.

Das Board an sich ist schon als reine Linux Platform eine tolle Sache

31.03.2013 CooCox NuMicro Cookie

Von EXP-Tech wurde mir ein NuMicor Cookie Board zur Verfügung gestellt. Ein sehr interessantes Board für jeden, der tiefer in die Details der Microcontrollerprogrammierung eintauchen will!

03.03.2013 PCB Error on iBoard Pro

The iBoard Pro with PCB version 1.0 has a bad routing that prevents the RTC to advance. Please contact iTead if you have such a board. Futhermore, the board hangs when running on external power only (without FOCA). To my deepest regret I have to set a WARNING NOT TO USE THE BOARD WITH PCB v1.0 (there is a v1.1 available). iTead was not able to provide a fix for over two weeks

02.02.2013 SMD löten

Durch Zufall bin ich auf die Seite von Hannes Jochriem gestossen. Er bietet SMD Bausätz und Lötübungen an, mit denen man sehr schnell das Löten von SMD Bauteilen erlernen kann. Ich habe dort für wenige Euro einen Programmer erstanden, die Review findet man hier. Sehr zu empfehlen!

16.02.2013 HacroCam Camera Shield

Hacromatic is offering a lovely camera shield for the arduino for only 21 USD. A detailed Review describes the use of this beautiful board.

Hacromatic bietet ein herrliches Kamerashield für 21 USD. Ich habe eine deutsche Besprechung erstellt.

14.02.2012 i2c Scanner Sketch

There is a little sketch that scans the I2C bus for the address of attached devices

12.02.2013 I2C ADC Modul

I recently stumbled into a nice little board: a PCF8591 A/D Sensor Module. This elegant board provides a 4-channel 8-bit ADC with a potentiometer, a photoresistor and a thermistor on board and connected to the ADC inputs via jumpers. A detailed review will follow.

02.01.2012 asuro arx-03 - a bad robot to start with

For Christmas, I got the asuro arx-03 robot kit for my son - after hours of work, the robot is not working, there is NO SUPPORT at all available, the forum is not replying and the kit is a TOTAL LOSS. So my recommendation is to get a simple robot chassis (magician), a robot controler (i.e. romeo) and build your robot yourself. I did this in about three hours and had a robot up and running. A detailed review is here.

30.12.2012 iBoard Pro - test with serial TFT and SD card OK

The iBoard Pro works fine with a serial TFT and a 4 GB SD card. The review is complete now (Ethernet will be done a t a later point in time).

18.12.2012 iBoard Pro - an ethernet/xbee/RTC/SD Mega board

The new ITead iBoard Pro is a Arduino Mega compatible board with on-board Ethernet, SD card reader, RTC clock and ITDB02 socket at a remarkable low price. The review is under construction and promising. The board can be obtained at EXP-Tech or BoXTec

09.12.2012 Minor Arduino Dashboard update

Minor bugfix update applied to Arduino Dashboard, see download area.

19.11.2012 Carambola

I recieved the carambola bundle from EXP-Tech, one of my preferred suppliers, for an initial review. The German review can be found here

11.11.2012 electric Imp

First test of an electric Imp - a fascinating device. The test report is in German

23.10.2012 Fischertechnik Control v1.0.1 beta

Update of the Beta Release to load a move sequence file (excel 2003 format) and execute the defined steps. The Visual Basic project and the sketch can be downloaded here. A Project description will follow soon.

16.10.2012 Fischertechnik Control v1.0.0 beta

Beta Release of an VB project/sketch for dring a Fischertechnik (TM) Automation Robots Kit. The Visual Basic project and the sketch can be downloaded here. A Project description will follow soon.

13.10.2012 Fischertechnik Control

First Release of an development snapshot for dring a Fischertechnik (TM) Automation Robots Kit. The Visual Basic project and the sketch can be downloaded here. A Project description will follow soon.


27.9.2012 Arduiono Dashboard Verision 1.10 ready

I have completed the first version of my Arduino Dashboard - More details on the project page

13.9.2012 Arduino Dashboard Update

There is a compiled version of the Dashboard available now and it has got its own logo:

12.9.2012 Arduino Dashboard Update

There is an update of the VB code:

  • added ComboBox Control
  • changed code to dynamically load any number of controls for Button, CheckBox, Label, Slider and ComboBox

8.9.2012 Arduino Dashboard and Arduino Control

After a needed vacation break and heavy workload in other spaces, I was able to return to Arduino. One outcome is a little tool based on Visual Basic that is inspired by the handbag app on Android. It provides a GUI that provides controls to the arduino board and is configurable from the arduino sketch. This allows to add in a fast way controls to a project. More details on the project page







Another use of the concept is to provide a control for the Adafriut Motor shield and the robot arm described here. More details on the project page


25.6.2012 UTFT 1.3 modification released

Henning Karlsen has released an update of the UTFT library to drive LCD displays from IteadStudio. If you want to use a shield on an arduino Mega that was designed to run on the arduino, you have to modify the UTFT library or you use my modified UTFT 1.3 library. The modification implements the changes proposed by Henning on his web page.

24.6.2012 Netduino Go! Review Final

I completed the review at Finally, the netduino Go! is spending 120 Euro to control a RGB LED with a potentiometer and a button. You can get this with an arduino, an LED, a poti and a button on a breadboard for less than 20 Euro ... Sorry for a good idea buit the shield interface is not working as expected.

24.6.2012 Pollin DCF77 module

I got a DCF77 module from for 5 Euro. The module can be read easily but is extremely sensitive to the orinetation of the antenna. I am currently modifying the code to show a signal meter using processing for optimal antenna positioning and to make the code a bit more toloerant for errors.

23.6.2012 WiiChuck

A fun job for teaching children is to connect a WiiChuck to the arduino using the examples from the quick start guide from Maik Schmidt (German Title Arduino - Ein schneller Einstieg, dpunkt Verlag I used the little adapter fro 1.40 Euro from EXP-Tech. Great Fun!

20.6.2012 Sure Electronics 8x32 Matrix

I managed to connect 4 8x32 LED Matrix boards to form one big LED display. The code of the library available for the Matrix works fine with Arduino boards but needs to be adjusted for the Arduino Mega boards as the pinmapping got done completely wrong in the library. See xxx for more details.

16.6.2012 TextClock v1.0 released

I got a text clock working on the ITDB32S display using a Arduino Mega, the ITDB32S and the Arduino Mega Shield including RTC clock







12.6.2012 DFRobot 5(6) DOF Robot Arm Update

The robot arm is still working well, but I had to do some small changes.

10.6.2012 Netduino Go! Review

I received a netduino Go! starter kit from to review and keep after the review has been completed. This kind of offer is published on the web forum of The review can be found at and is still under development. The netduino Go! is a powerful board and offers a shield base that is compatible with arduino shields. SO far, I was not able to get arduino shields running that have a more complex and active setup. Passive shields I am currently testing but due to the nature of the netduino Go! I see little chance to convert the UTFT display library to that platform. Too bad as the ITead displays are about half the price of the netduino display

28.5.2012 DFRobot 5(6) DOF Robot Arm

I got a 5 Degrees of Freedom (5DOF) robot arm from DFRobot with am Arm Mounting Board, so it is a 6DOF Robot Arm now. The robot kit comes with NO assembly guide. I only found a video that describes the assembly of a similar arm leaving out significant parts of the assembly. So I decided to make my own assembly guide.

20.5.2012 - UTFT 1.2 update

Henning Karlsen has released a new version of great UTFT library to use IteadStudio displays with the arduino and chipKit. In his How-To section he describes how to modify the library to use a shield that was designed to run on an arduino with an arduino mega. I have applied these modifications to the new version of the library and you can download this modified library here.

18.5.2012 - Timeline started

Due to heavy workload on the job, the arduino work has been delayed a bit. Current projects are:

  • update the new version 1.2 of the LCD Display library UTFT of Henning Karlsen to support arduino shields on meag boards as of the "How-to" from Henning
  • write a library for the 8x32 LED Matrix from Sure Electronics that does not hang up the arduino
  • finish the LCD library for the Nokia 5110 display
  • write a simple demo control for the Arduino with Visual Studio Visual Basic to control an Arduino via Bluetooth