Download of library updates and sketches

HelvePic32 files


  • i2cUTFT: a small library that allows to drive a UTFT based TFT display on an arduino via the i2c bus (first working version, so expect errors!)
  • UTFT 1.3 modified: a modification of the UTFT linrary of Henning Karlsen to operate an Arduino interface shield on an Arduino Mega (with the current UTFT library, these modifications are now in the UTFT itself, so this is no longer needed)
  • Nokia 5110 v0.9: a small library to operate a Nokia 5110 LCD on an IBridge shield
  • DFrobotLCDbarchart: a small demo sketch to use the DFrobot 16x2 LCD for barcharts
  • ArduinoControl beta: a Visual Basic based control for arduino using the serial port
  • ARduino Dashboard v2.0.3 the current development version with setup procedure (15.3.2014)
  • AFM_FTrobot v.1.0.3 (beta): AdaFruit Motor shield drives a Fischertechnik™ Automation Robots kit

 HacroCam Files

Unfortunately, the source domain of the hacrocam shield has gone offline. I make the code and software available for download here. Due to file size restrictions, the windows software is split into two files that extract into the same directory (the second file only holds the large QT lib DLL)


 OLED demo code

Elecfreaks Code samples

 Octopus 9DOF Seonsor module

 LCD Shield reading Octopus 9DOF Seonsor module and testing Servo

  • demo code (use libraries from octopus 9DOF example)



 I2C Bus Scanner

Dieses Sketch verwendet eine interne Routine der Wire Library um alle I2C Adressen abzuprüfen. Ideal um ein I2C Modul zu testen.


 Atten Power Supply