Arduino Control

Controlling Fischer Technik Automation Robots

Based on a simple serial protocol I can control the Adafruit Motor Shield. I have connected the motor shield to the four motors of a "Fischer Technik - 511933 ROBO TX Automation Robots" setup controlling the motors. The motors run at 9 Volt and draw too much current for the USB device so external power for the motor shield is a must. The mechanics of the Fischer Technic kit is not as good as I expected so fricktion is very high and the motor has trouble to lift the horizontal bar, but I wm working on this.

The control program however works nicely and I do not need the expensive Fischer Technic control unit. I use a arduino Mega board and the next step is the readout of the encoder information from the two encoder motors and the encoding information produced by the mechanically triggered switches.













Controlling a Robot Arm




The Visual Basic project can be downloaded from the download page