Oscilloscope and Frequency Meter


I recently bought the DSO096 from JYEtech, a nice little oscilloscope and frequency meter. The technical specifications are not competitive with the big brother products but at the unbeatable price, this scope is great for the arduino world (I have worked with scopes from the big vendors and one should not compare as you get those at 20-100 times the price)

The scope comes fully assembled and I only had to insert the battery. A very nice feature, that makes the price even more attractive, is the included 1/10 probe. After removong the price of the probe, the scope comes for approximately 50 Euro!

The scope worked without issues when I started it up and I executed the calibration as descibed in the manual using the built in refernce signal.

The technical specifications are:

Number of Channel
Analog Bandwidth
0 - 5MHz
10mV/Div -- 5V/Div
Input Impedance 1M ohm/25pF
Maximum Input voltage 50Vpk (for 1X probe)
Coupling DC, AC, GND
Max Real-time Sampling Rate:
Max Equivalent-Time Sampling Rate (hardware)
0.5us/Div - 10min/Div
Record Length
256 points
Run/Hold Modes
one button switchable

Connecting to PC

The trouble started when I tried to upload the screens from the DSO to my PC. JYEtech offers on the product page a USB driver, but that is only a link to the UART chip manufacturer. Unfortunately, the dirver cannot be downloaded as the access is restricted even after a proper registration with the site (I find it puzzeling that I have to register for a site to get the driver for a chip sold to me and then the same site denies me access! When checking with google, this seems to be a common problem with this company silab). I found a public copy of the driver and installed it without problems. Hoever, all attempts to upload a screen failed.

I have contected JYEtech on this error through the forum on their web site and received a new firmware as well as the driver within 12 hours. So the support is very good and responsive! I make the files available here

The download of the firmware update is straight forward, just excercise the reboot of the DSO at the same time as you download the firmware. The download program waits for the DSO to reboot and in that state, the firmware is loaded (a bit strange but working)

The screens are small bmp files:

reference on batteryreference on USBprobe calibration



The first picture shows hte refrence signal when operating on battery, the second picture shows the same signal on USB operation. Please note the significant noise on the signal when working on USB cable. The third picture shows the refernce signal when calibrating the attenuation of the 1/10 probe.


The DSO096 is a great product and a valuable tool when operating with arduino boards. I can strongly recommend to get this device